If an individual owns a blog or a static website and whether it is use used for business or personal use, Google Analytics is needed. Google Analytics helps an individual to know the number of people who have visited his website, the area the visitors live, if a mobile friendly website is required, the number of websites that send traffic to one’s website, the kind of marketing tactics that drive the most traffic to the site, ways of improving one’s website speed and so on. There are more additional questions which are considered essential for most website owners that can be answered by Google Analytics. Google Analytics Guide for Beginners is ideal for the newbies in this industry.

Installation of google analytics

coffee and laptopGoogle Analytics account is needed in the first place. An individual’s Google Analytics should be set using a Google account if there is the existence of a primary Google account that one uses for services like YouTube, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Gmail or Google plus. Alternatively, a person can create a new account. A Google account should be considered and should be kept forever, and the owner can only access to it. Access to one’s Google Analytics can always be granted to other individuals down the road but do not allow someone to have full control over it. It is usually recommended not to allow anyone to create one’s website Google Analytics account under their google analytics account so that they can manage it. In a situation whereby people part ways, the web developer with taking one’s Google Analytics with them and one will be forced to start afresh once again.

Account and property being set

The moment a Google account is established, an individual can proceed to Google Analytics and the Sign into Google Analytics button should be clicked. A person will be greeted with three steps. Then one must take to set up Google Analytics. Information on the website will be filled after the Signup button is clicked. Hierarchies are provided by Google Analytics so that one’s account can be organized.

Tracking code should be installed

The Get Tracking ID button should be clicked. A popup of the Google Analytics terms and conditions would be obtained which a person must agree to them. Afterward, the code of Google Analytics will be given. On every page of the website, the code must be installed.

Goals should be set

Google AnalyticsA small setting in the site’s profile on Google Analytics should be configured for Goals setting to be obtained. It is attained by Admin link at the top of the Google Analytics being clicked and afterward Goals under the website’s View Column being clicked.

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