5 Reasons Why A Startup Should Have An Explainer Video

The process of marketing a startup business can be tough, more so when one offers innovative new products or services. It is not only tough to establish a new brand, but the challenge also comes when you want to explain what the product does and what you want to do that is unique from any other company. It is imperative to know that most people have short attention span; people are not willing to read a 20-page white paper or sit through a long presentation.

So what can your startup do? The answer is very simple; there is a need to have an explainer video. The article focuses on the Importance of explainer video to startups

Five importances of explainer video to startups

1. Short, sweet, and to the point

VideoA startup video is a short video which takes 2-4 minutes to introduce people to the company product, and it is going to explain what you exactly do in a compelling and entertaining manner. It is not a sales pitch nor is it an advertisement. However, they include a call to action. It is an introduction which is designed to ensure potential customers become more interested in your company and eager to learn more and maybe convert eventually.

2. Increases conversion

Videos are the best marketing tool which can increase conversion by as much as 80%. Video engages the customers fully. Survey has indicated that up to 90% of customers have a belief that video is vital in decision making. The survey indicates that more than 65% of customers are likely to purchase a product online after watching the video

3. Videos reveal your culture

As a start-up business, the audience does not know who you are yet. Through video and personal choice of the script, music, images and characters there is a possibility of providing a glimpse of your culture and brand. It is going to help the audience get the better sense of who you are.

4. Video simplifies complex topics

Explainer videos are going to force you to simplify any complex topic to fit the format. In case the startup is offering something which is completely new and different from those of others then an explainer will distil it down to key points then focus on what is in it for the customers. In case the explainer is animated then you can provide the viewers with an inside look at the compound product which they neither may nor otherwise see. It is going to make it easier for the audience to understand what it is you have to do exactly

5. Videos improve chances of going viral

Everyone wish to improve the SEO results. The best way to go is by use of videos. By sharing the explainer on the social media, YouTube, your blog, and any other place then you are likely to increase the organic search results and your reach. This is what the start-up business requires.

The above are the Importance of explainer video to startups. While making an explainer, it is very paramount that an individual pays close attention to how it is going to reflect company’s mission, your brand and the values of the business.